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Pieces of Eight

Try to gather enough Chest Cards to complete the Pieces of Eight without going over. Engage in skullduggery against other players by trying to steal their loot or sink their ship. When the plunder is over, the closest to 8 wins!


Separate the cards into the Chest Deck (yellow) and Event Deck (blue). Shuffle the event deck and deal each player an event card. Then place the remaining event deck in the center of the table.
Remove all Cursed Chests from the Chest Deck, then insert them based on the number of players (insert 2 for 4-players, 1 for 3-players, and none for 2-players). Shuffle the chest deck and deal a chest card to each player. Individually lay out the remaining chest cards facedown in a 2-by-5 grid. Players should look at both their event and chest cards, but keep them a secret from other players.

Cutthroat Cove Pieces of Eight Rulebook

Prototype Box Pictured


Turn order begins with the person who won the last game. If this is the first game, whoever says “I’m a pirate!” goes first. 

On your turn, draw an event card from the deck, then choose one of your two event cards to play. Perform the action on your card and then discard it. Turn order then goes to the next player (starting clockwise). The game continues around the table until no cards remain in the event deck. 

Throughout the game, chest cards will be traded, swapped, revealed and moved around the table. If an event cards ever says to take chests cards from the center or another player, and the chest cards run out, that player’s turn ends early. Whenever you have no chest cards, draw a chest card from the center. (Players cannot draw the same cards they returned to the center that turn). 

Flying Dutchman Card, Pieces of Eight
Wining the Game:

Once the Event Deck is out, the game ends and all players reveal their Chest Cards. The player closest to 8 wins the game! But if your total is over 8, or you’re holding a Cursed Chest at the end of the game, you cannot win. 

Ties are broken as followed:
1. Player with the least number of chests
2. Player with the highest value chest
3. Players draw a chest from the center, and the highest value wins. Repeat until someone wins.

Cursed Treasure Card, Pieces of Eight
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