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A Pirate's Card Game

Prototype copy pictured in video


Prototype copy pictured in video

Pieces of Eight


Cutthroat Cove: Pieces of Eight 
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A Pirate's Card Game

Only one pirate will find the fabled Pieces of Eight before time runs out!

Will your greed get the best of you or will you become the holder of the Eight?

In the center are many yellow chest cards to collect, with some filled with the Pieces of Eight, and others cursed or filled to the brim with barnacles! Each turn you'll have two blue Event cards and choose one to play, these are how you'll move treasure cards.


When the Event deck is out, the closest treasure to 8 wins!

Pirates Cards Game

Of course you'll want to be clever with your cargo, keep your good treasure safe, but send cursed treasure into your opponent's hand!
Prove you are cunning enough to take whatever the sea deals you and gather the Pieces of Eight! Others will be seeking your spoils, so don't let them touch your booty!

Chest cards