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Ages 13+  |  2-4 Players  |  30-90 Minutes

You are a pirate captain of Cutthroat Cove charting the surrounding seas with your ship and crew in search of gold, adventure, and fame.

Out there is a sea for you to discover, filled with unclaimed treasure,
fair sea routes, stranded crewmen, adventures with great bounties,
and new ports to spend your treasure!

But only the most notorious pirate will rule the seas.


Set Sail with your
own ship and crew!

In Cutthroat Cove, you are the captain!

Equip your ship with the best guns, hull, and sails, and assemble a crew sharp enough to break any tide.

Each player builds their ship at the beginning of the game, some will assemble a gunship ready to take on an armada, others will seek speed to cross new horizons and be the first in uncharted waters.


But only one shall become the pirate of legend, and they say those who kill the Kraken shall instantly gain the crown.

Climb aboard and explore an uncharted sea in Cutthroat Cove!

Set Sail to Cutthroat Cove

Enemies Ahoy

There are many dangers that lurk within the waters of Cutthroat Cove. Opposing pirates and sea monsters abound infest these cruel, harsh waters, but no pirate becomes infamous by sitting on their arse! Get out there and blow them to kingdom come!

Uncharted Waters

Plotting your course through unknown waters carries risks with the sea itself! Storms and wrecked ships can be found aplenty, but what caused those ships to sink? Let's hope you don't find a similar fate...

Galleon Template.png
Fair Winds.png

Enemy ships carrying powerful cannons and reinforced hulls make even the mightiest monsters look weak. Use your spoils to upgrade your ship to be a mighty combatant!

Chests full of gold await you for defeating powerful enemies, or even with a bit of luck you can find them floating in the wreckage of a long lost voyage.

Though the sea has her own agenda, you may be fortunate enough to be in her graces as she blows strong winds in your favor. Use the waters to your advantage!

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