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Introduction Playthrough Dungeon

The following rules are designed to help new players jump right into playing the game while also teaching the basic mechanics of how to play, quick and easy! The intro is designed for 2 players, so anyone can follow along and take turns learning and playing.

Deck Setup:

A new deck is setup with the starting cards placed in order to play the Intro Dungeon right away.

If you've shuffled the cards already or would like to do the intro dungeon again,

place these cards at the top of the deck once again.

Cards order bottom to top:

  1. Fudge Dice

  2. Spelunker

  3. Tripwire

  4. Shift

  5. Swole Shake

  6. Transmute

  7. Shadescale Cloak

  8. Trailblazer Biscuits

  9. Buddy’s Blunderbuss

  10. Plague Rat

  11. Illusion

  12. Precision Juice

  13. Ghost Form

  14. Matchlight Batons

  15. Hustle Bubblegum

  16. Bellringer’s Bell

  17. Twist

  18. Health Potion

  19. Fire Steak

  20. Portal Pop

  21. Saint’s Surcoat

  22. Precision Juice

  23. Pitman

  24. Scout

  25. Prince of Traitors

Playthrough Rules:

This is a cooperative dungeon crawling game, all information and cards can be shared and are encouraged to do so, especially during this tutorial.


The first card is the boss, place this in the middle of the table with the boss facing down.

The next two cards are your player characters, choose who plays which one, The Scout will be Player 1 and starts the game.

These player cards have your stats for Attack on the left, Health top right, and speed middle right. More info can be found in the rulebook for how these stats work.


Next is to set up the starting area for players. This tutorial is made for 2 players.


Place the next 4 cards starting from one of the boss gates in a line placing them next to each other, room side up.

Place your character token on the final 4th room, you can twist your room to face any direction.

Do these steps again for Player 2 placing your cards in a line from the other boss gate.

The three cards leading to the boss gate are each players' starting cards, pick them up and place them into your hand.

Starting map with the boss and lines*

Equip the weapon (pink) by placing it to the left of your character.

Equip the Armor (purple) by placing it to the right of your character.

Equip the Spell (blue) by placing it above or below your character.

Some Armor or Weapons have special extra abilities that can be ‘unlocked’ by meeting the requirements, more info can be found in the Rulebook.

Equipment setup on a character*


Starting Player 1 turn:

Be sure to refer to the main rulebook for all player turn actions

Draw 1 card for each locked door next to you, so 2 cards.You must discard if you have more than 3 cards by the end of your turn, so Equip your new Weapon and Spell.

'Build' your Portal Pop next to you, room side up, towards the boss and use your movement to go in the room, then end your turn.


Pitman gets to draw 3 cards, the third card is a Monster that is drawn must be placed next to you face-up. 

The loot icon shows how many cards must be drawn from the deck and placed under the monster as loot which you obtain upon slaying the monster.

Place the monster with its loot to the side of your character’s current room, not toward the boss.

To fight the monster you must be standing within its marked area. If you end your turn within a monster area, you must attack them.

Build your shrine card towards the boss and move into it.

Now end your turn by attacking the monster.

Combat is explained within the Rulebook.

If you lose, use your precision juice to succeed!


Scout draws 2 cards.

Build your shrine next to you, your choice, and move into it.

This shrine's effect is to ‘jump’ to any shrine, which is a teleport.

Use this to jump to the Pitmans current room which is a shrine.

Do combat with your ally, you gain an extra attack die for fighting together.

As the Scout, you gain +2 to attacking a Monster, so attack from a Trap room for a bonus.

When you Enter the Trap room, roll 1 die and add your speed, if you meet or exceed the trap number value, you do the green check mark and you gain that effect. If you roll less, you do the red x.

Remember to use your snacks!

Keep fighting until you Slay the Plague Rat and claim your loot!


Use the Trailblazer Biscuits to Build the top 2 cards from the deck, build the Trap next to you and the Shrine wherever you wish.

The Bellringers Bell has now been unlocked by placing enough Shrines on the map. It now has the added effect of dealing one extra damage.


Pitman Walks into the Trap room.

Once you enter a Trap room, roll 1 die and add your speed value. If you meet or succeed the number shown you can choose to do the green check mark. If you lose, you do the red x.

In either case, once you do the Trap roll, Pitman can then draw 2 cards.

Build the Spelunker next to the Trap.

Spelunker is a Ward and emanates a power to the rooms it highlights, in this case, it stops the trap from dealing damage when entering.


At this point you have the basic knowledge to keep taking turns and building rooms to become more powerful.

When you feel ready, build a room leading into the boss at one of the gates.

Once you do, flip the boss and prepare for the final fight!

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